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For bath resurfacing or hard surface chip repair please call us on    01342 301100
Bath Repair South Kensington

For over 35 years we have been providing professional bath re-enamelling and chip repair services in South Kensington and surrounding areas. All work is done to a high standard by our trained technicians and we can repair baths, sinks, shower trays, toilets, worktops, window frames and much more.

Bath Resurfacing

Over time, due to severe abrasive cleaners, your bath will have lost the shine it once had. In addition to that, the surface has become porous, which makes it impossible to clean properly. By having your bath resurfaced, we can can restore it to it’s former glory, at a fraction of the cost of replacing your bath for a new one.

Bath Resurfacing
Bath Resurfacing
Bath Re Enamelling
Bath Restoration

What types of baths do we resurface?

We provide bath resurfacing and repair services for all types of bathtubs including: enamel, acrylic, cast iron and fibreglass. We can even resurface your bath in a different colour to the original, giving a fresh new look to dated paint schemes.

How long does it take?

Our bath resurfacing process is usually completed within a day. Once treated, we will leave your bathroom in a tidy usable state so that you and your family can start using your new bath immediately.

Chip & Crack Repair

Bathglaze are specialists when it comes to bath, sink and hard surface chip and crack repairs. We have repaired a variety of different surfaces over the years and we can repair most surfaces around the household.

Below are the types of surfaces we can repair:

  • Bathtubs
  • Sinks and wash basins
  • Shower trays
  • Toilets and cystern lids
  • Kitchen work tops
  • Radiators
  • Internal doors and cabinets
  • Fireplace hearths
  • uPVC window frames and door sills
  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Cookers
Chip Repair

Repair Process

We have developed our process over the years between us improving techniques and materials as things advance. 

We start off by grinding out the damaged area to stabilise any damage. We then use a variety of fillers and bonding compounds depending on what type of surface is being repaired.

We’ll then hand match the colour (even white has different shades), so any colour matching is done on site to match perfectly. We then use our unique bonding agent before completing the repair process.

This is why are repairs end up invisible in almost all circumstances.

For bath repair in South Kensington please call us on  01342 301100

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    Sink Resurfacing

    We resurface sinks and wash basins, restoring them as new! We can also change the colour of your sink if you feel the current caolour scheme is dated and you want to modernise it.

    sink resurfacing
    Emergency Repair
    Emergency Repair

    At Bathglaze, we understand that accidents can happen and that is why we offer an emergency chip repair service for customers needing repair work done as a priority.

    bath chip repair
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