Over the last 30 years we have developed our chip repair system, repairing all different kinds of damage. We can repair chips, cracks, and even holes in some surfaces. As materials have advanced over the years, we’ve had to modify our systems to cope with these changes, and so we can repair virtually any surface in the bathroom or kitchen, and general household.

We always aim to get our repairs to an excellent standard, and usually they are totally invisible.

All repairs are hand mixed to match your individual repair needs, so there is nothing we cannot match. There is no colour out of our spectrum.

Even white baths, basins and shower trays have many different colour tones to them, and we individually match these on the job.

We don’t just do white, we do any colour, so we can match all the 60s-70s retro colours such as: avocado, pampas, primrose yellow, whisper pink, sky blue, aubergine, turquoise etc, etc, the list goes on.  It takes many years to learn how to colour match. This is not something that can just be taught in a few months.

We are a father and son team, and we have developed our process over many years to perfect it.