We are finding it is quite a common problem these days for baths to be damaged in a variety of ways. We can repair almost any kind of damage in acrylic and fibreglass baths, whether it be a small inch long split or a 5 inch hole in the bottom of the bath. We have come across all these challenges over the years and there’s basically almost nothing we can’t repair.

We often find that customers with a hole, split or crack in the bath think that it has to be replaced, but this is not the case. It may seem like a good idea to just replace the bath, but this will not be the most cost-effective solution when you work out the cost of re-plumbing, re-tiling and re-decoration. It is not always possible to get the same size bath any more either. We can quickly and easily repair your damaged bath in one day, and it will be ready for use the following day with no inconvenience to you.

At Bathglaze  we are very proud of all the many different and challenging repairs we have done over the years.