Bath Re-Enamelling, Resurfacing & Restoration

Bathglaze has over 30 years experience in bath restoration services
Tel: 013 4230 1100

Restoring your bath to it’s former glory!

When your bath is difficult to clean, it has become worn and slightly porous therefore it stains easily and looks tired, dull and discoloured. It may have limescale buildup on the surface and can be sandpapery to the touch. We will give your bath a new surface that is shiny, smooth, hygienic, easy to clean and it will look and feel just like a brand new bath once we have finished the re-enamelling. We almost always do the re-enamelling work to your bath in-situ without disturbing any of your bath fittings, plumbing, tiling or decoration.

The bath is done in one day and will be ready to use in 24 hours. The rest of the bathroom is completely usable as soon as we leave.

If your bath is a Free standing bath, roll top bath, apron bath, slipper bath or just a standard bath that you would like the outside on show, we offer a service where we can refurbish the outside of the bath in a colour of your choice, including the ornate bath feet if you like. We can either re-finish the bath feet in the same colour as the outside, or in a contrasting colour.

Our surface has the advantage of being compatible with modern cleaning products, unlike the original vitreous enamel, which was done on the old cast iron baths before these types of modern cleaners were available.

For bath re-enamelling and re-surfacing please call 013 4230 1100